Goerend 48RE GT3 High Horsepower Master Overhaul Kit (2003.5-07)

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  • D-48 HD Clutch Kit: All Alto or Raybestos Clutches and Steels (Includes 7&7 OD Brake)
  • D-48 P/R Kit: All gaskets-seals-sealing rings
  • D-ATSG: ATSG Book
  • D73-LSA 4.2 Kit: Billet 4.2 front band apply Lever, Strap, & Anchor
  • D72-417 G: Billet 4 ring accumulator piston
  • D-Bushing Kit: Complete Bushing Kit
  • D70-386 Late: Filter
  • D98-G Kit: Goerend Billet 4-seal front servo piston kit
  • D99-33 Sonnax 22827-01: Billet Front servo cover with o-ring
  • D121-109 G Kit: Goerend Heavy Bellville Spring Kit
  • D112-91: OEM front clutch wave snap ring
  • D167-212: Overdrive direct wave snap ring
  • D167-222: Overdrive sun gear 15 degree
  • D-OD Full Bearing Kit: Complete Overdrive Bearing Kit
  • D78-73 B: Raybestos billet front band
  • D92-53 Sonnax 22912C: Sonnax billet rear servo piston
  • D92-51 Sonnax 22912-01K: Sonnax rear servo apply rod
  • D-48 T Washer Kit: Thrust Washer Kit
  • D133-153 48 Sonnax 22700FT-01: Front Planetary thrust washer
  • D133-162/4 48 Sonnax 22700GT-01: Low Reverse Planetary thrust washers (x2)
  • D121-107 G .780: Goerend Billet Rear/Forward Clutch Apply Piston
  • Goerend Billet Front/Direct Clutch Apply Piston (D112-84 G)

Kit does not come with the flex plate stiffener. Billet flex plate required. Billet front band included. We supply a complete kit for both the Complete bushing kit & Thrust Washer Kit. This does not mean that we recommend replacing all bushings. Replace a bushing ONLY if it is bad.