Goerend Allison 1000 Black Powder Coat Transmission Pan Kit

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2001-15 Chevy/GMC (Allison 1000) LB7, LLY, LBZ, LMM, LML 

Manufactured by Goerend Transmission, this high capacity transmission pan is the perfect bonus to your built or stock Allison 1000 automatic. The pan is constructed of lightweight, cast-aluminum for efficient heat dissipation, durability, and holds approximately 3 more quarts of fluid than a stock pan. The patented, sloped floor design results in 100% drainage, while the magnetic drain plug catches and eliminates debris from circulating throughout the transmission. The copper sealing ring provides a leak-free seal. A billet-aluminum filter lock is included, as well as a new transmission filter. The drain plug also uses a 1 inch socket for easy removal & is designed not to strip. 

  • Goerend Allison Aluminum Transmission Pan
  • Billet Aluminum Filter Lock
  • Genuine Allison Transmission Filter 
  • Magnetic Drain Plug
  • Copper Sealing Ring 
  • Pan Bolts & Washers 
  • CNC Machined   
  • Lightweight Cast Aluminum   
  • Holds Additional 3 Quarts of Fluid Compared to Stock
  • Sloped Floor for 100% Drainage
  • Bottom of Pan is Level with Road when Installed
Torque Specifications

Drain Plug: 15 ft lbs or 160 inch lbs
Pan Bolts: 10 ft lbs or 120 inch lbs