Goerend Allison Five Speed Master Kit (2001-05)

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  • Torrington Needle Bearings
  • Gaskets & Seals 
  • Front Pump Seal
  • Stator Bushing 
  • Two Thrust Washers
  • TransGo Shift Kit (2000-10)
  • Pressure Regulator Spring Installation Tool
  • RatioTek Kit (RT-A01-PR)
  • Late Style C-3 & C-4 Pistons
  • Late Style C-3 & C-4 Return Springs
  • Goerend Trans Pan with Filter Lock & Allison Internal Filter
  • External filter
  • Goerend PTO Covers & Gaskets (Must Purchase Jig Tool to Drill Hole)
  • ATSG Book
  • C1, C2, C3, & C4 Clutch Packs (Alto Brand Unless Raybestos is Requested

This kit does not include every part that may be broken or worn and needs replacement. Although we have tried to cover the problem areas and normal wear areas of this transmission, there is no book or set of instructions or videos that can cover every conceivable problem. There are many major factory updates and many aftermarket parts that may or may not be compatible with other parts and therefore there is no replacement for an experienced transmission technician with the correct match and mismatch information and proper equipment to clean, inspect and rebuild the transmission with all the parts needed and make necessary adjustments and computer relearn procedures along with the ability to test the transmission for proper operation after installation into the vehicle. Because it is not possible for us to be there in person to make all the inspections needed, we will not be responsible for damage caused to our parts due to other defective, worn, or broken parts that were not properly inspected or tested before being reused. We are not a technical or training service, if you need help with diagnosis or any problem we will expect you to have access to scan tools and pressure gauges and be proficient with them. If you are not, the vehicle will need to be taken to someone who has the equipment and is familiar with it. In no circumstance will we pay for any diagnosis time or labor to correct any problems.


To receive the full core deposit back, the core returned to Goerend Transmission must be an unmodified core of the same model of the purchased converter. (Year, Type, Etc.) No part of the core may be rusty/damaged in any way, or you may receive partial to no credit towards your core deposit. When a usable core has been received, the core charge will be refunded to your original form of payment. Call for any questions on what cores are accepted.