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Goerend Equipment Pictures

Goerend Transmission has several on-site specialty tools that allow us to analyze and test our products beyond what others can do.
Most of the parts sold are machined in our eight in-house CNC machines. These parts include our billet stators, billet converter covers, flex plates, accumulator/servo pistons, billet converter dampers, transmission pans and more.




Goerend Billet Converter Cover Machining. 


Goerend Billet Cover before & after Goerend Machining


The 1st machining process of our Goerend Billet Stators


Final machining process of our Goerend Billet Stators.  


 Goerend Transmission uses the following equipment to make and test our quality parts.

2 - 350-2MSY Series Twin Spindle - Y Axis Mazak CNC Machines

3 - 350-2M Series Single Spindle Mazak CNC Machines

(All 5 of these Mazaks have live milling) 

1 - 5110C-II - 4 Axis Mazak CNC Machine

1 - 530/5AX - 5 Axis Mazak CNC Machine (Special built to manufacture our stators)

1 - Milltronics - ML16 CNC Machine

5 - Engine Lathes

3 - TCRS Vertical Converter Welders

1 - ATI Converter Welder

2 - TCRS Converter Balancers

1 - ATI Converter Balancer

1 - SO Converter Balancer

1 - 42" Vertical Cutting Lathe

2 - Air Test Stations (Converter Leak Test) 

1 - TCRS Converter Hub Welder

6 - Intercont Parts Washers

1 - Custom Built SuperFlow Dyno


Our new custom-built Superflow Dyno is unlike any other in the world! We use it to test our converters for: Torque converter pump K-factor, turbine K-factor, speed ratio and more.

 dyno-w-graph.jpg  speed-ratio.jpg