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Goerend Equipment Pictures

At Goerend Transmission, we have invested in several on-site specialty tools that allow us to analyze and test our products beyond what the competition can do.
The majority of the parts we sell are made/machined in our 7 in-house CNC machines. These parts include our billet stators, billet converter covers, flex plates, accumulator & servo pistons, billet converter dampers, transmission pans, & MORE!




Goerend Billet Converter Cover Machining. 


Goerend Billet Cover before & after Goerend Machining


The 1st machining process of our Goerend Billet Stators


Final machining process of our Goerend Billet Stators.  


  Our new custom-built Superflow Dyno is unlike any other in the world! We use it to test our converters for: 

 • Torque Converter Pump K-Factor   • Turbine K-Factor   • Speed Ratio   • & MORE!

 dyno-w-graph.jpg  speed-ratio.jpg