Goerend Extreme Duty 47/48RE Triple Disc Torque Converter & 35 Spline Sonnax Smart-Tech Big Input Shaft Kit

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The Sonnax Smart-Tech Big Input Shaft Kit (22121B-08K) is the ultimate solution to prevent input shaft spline-twist and breakage in high torque Chrysler 47RH, 47RE and 48RE diesel applications. Compared to the best 300M 23-spline shafts, the Sonnax input shaft is 35% stronger at both the spline portion of the shaft and the sealing ring/cross-hole area of the shaft, eliminating all concerns of failure at these critical points. The larger sealing ring and cross-hole area requires a custom stator/pump cover assembly. The stator assembly features standard 48RE tube splines made of high-strength steel, improved retention in stator body, 48RE matched pump porting and special rubber seals to eliminate oil leakage between cover and pump body. The longer direct (front) clutch hub portion of the shaft has longer splines that allows for one extra (OE-thickness) direct friction plate when used with included thinner billet aluminum direct piston, all while keeping OE-thickness steels, backing plate, OE waved retaining ring and OE clutch clearances. Some common aftermarket modifications designed to include extra clutches require reduced steel thickness and decrease the heat absorption capacity of the clutch pack, others reduce clearance and eliminate the waved retaining ring, which contributes to excess 2-3 shift overlap. The Sonnax kit avoids these problems by increasing the number of frictions from five to six, adding to the steel mass of the clutch pack and maintaining the OE thickness backing plate and clearances for the optimum combination of increased capacity and durability. This shaft will fit any 47RH/RE or 48RE Converter fitted with a Sonnax Smart-Tech® Big Input Shaft Kit with a 35 spline turbine hub.

  • 1-1/8” Extreme Duty Diameter 35-Spline Input Shaft
  • .100” Larger Diameter at Sealing Ring Cross Hole Area
  • One-Piece Shaft Forged from Ultra-High Strength 300m Steel
  • Keeps Oe Oil Flow Areas & Eliminates Leakage
  • Custom Stator Assembly Optimizes Performance & Durability
  • Goerend Lube Modifications
  • Input Shaft 35 Spline with Extended Hub
  • Stator Support Assembly
  • Direct Clutch Piston
  • Steel Clutch Plate .068" Thick
  • Seal Rings (3) 1 Extra
  • Quad Ring Seals (4)
  • Designed & Manufactured In-House
  • Tig Welded, Furnace Brazed & Silicon Bronze Reinforced Turbine
  • Proprietary Alto High Performance Multi-Disc Lockup Clutches
  • K-Factor & Torque Ratio Tested On In-House Dynamometer
  • Three-Year Limited Infinite Mileage Warranty
  • Below 0.005 Blueprinted Runout Tolerances
  • Dual Torrington Bearing Stator Design
  • Multi-Bolt Pattern Billet Front Cover
  • Blueprinted Internal Clearances
  • Fully Pressurized & Leak Tested
  • Patented Fluid Flow Deflector
  • Computerized Robotic Welding
  • Billet Lockup Assembly Piston
  • 4140 Hardened Turbine Hub
  • 4140 Flanged Impeller Hub
  • Accurately Designed Pilot
  • Computerized Balancing
  • Lugged Stator Races
  • Billet Bearing Cap

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Core Return

To receive the full core deposit back, the core returned to Goerend Transmission must be an unmodified core of the same model of the purchased converter. (Year, Type, Etc.) No part of the core may be rusty/damaged in any way, or you may receive partial to no credit towards your core deposit. When a usable core has been received, the core charge will be refunded to your original form of payment. Call for any questions on what cores are accepted.