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My father started this business in 1947. From then until 1978 we worked on anything that would fit through the front door and several on the driveway that wouldn't!
Back then we did everything, from overhauling a carburetor on an 8N Ford Tractor, to rebuilding an injection pump on a GM diesel.
When my brother and I bought the business from Dad in 1978 we started specializing in automatic transmissions, torque converters, electronic fuel injection and chassis dynamometer testing.
Because of expertise in these areas, along with top of the line equipment (found in only a few shops in the US) we were asked to teach for University Automotive Tech in Des Moines.
Our workmanship, attention to detail, extensive equipment knowledge and work ethic has assured our customers of the highest caliber of service found anywhere in the United States.


From Left: Dave, Bob, and  Founder Ed Goerend