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My father started this business in 1947. From then until 1978 we worked on anything that would fit through the front door and several in the driveway that wouldn't! Back then we did everything, from overhauling a carburetor on an 8N Ford Tractor, to rebuilding an injection pump on a GM diesel. When my brother and I bought the business from Dad in 1978 we started specializing in automatic transmissions, torque converters, electronic fuel injection and chassis dynamometer testing. We were asked to teach for the University of Automotive Tech in Des Moines from 
We have now been in the automotive field for over 70 years – and have focused on diesel trucks and converters for the past 40 years. At Goerend’s we value QUALITY not quantity, which is why we have invested in several on-site specialty tools and quality equipment to allow us to manufacture and test our products beyond what our competition can do – making us a top producer of quality components for diesel trucks. Because of our expertise in these areas, along with top of the line equipment (found in only a few shops in the US) we have become a top producer of quality components for diesel trucks.
One of our specialty equipment pieces is our one-of-a-kind SuperFlow dyno which is comparable to the type of equipment found in research labs at the OE (Original Equipment) Level – i.e. GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, ETC. It is used to test our converters for: Torque Converter Pump K-Factor, Turbine K-Factor, Speed Ratio, and MUCH more! See more of our equipment pictures on our “Goerend Equipment Page” on our website!
We design, manufacture, and build our converters as well as many of the internal converter components and automatic transmission parts in-house from start to finish. This ensures that our dimensions are correct and will work with your transmission! Since our converters and many of our parts are produced in-house, when you call us you are talking directly to the manufacturer – which is very rare in this business – and allows us to answer all of your questions quickly and accurately. Our 8 in-house Mazak CNC machines are used to manufacture our billet converter covers, billet clutch dampers, stators, stator caps, races, and many more of the components in our converter builds. Our knowledge, equipment, and PATENTED converter components allow us to build your converter to match your needs – no matter if you use it as a daily driver – or a dedicated race truck! At Goerend we care about our customers - our multiple patents have PERFORMANCE in mind – they have been created to cure specific performance problems – not patented simply to ease the manufacturing process! 
Our workmanship, attention to detail, extensive equipment knowledge and work ethic has assured our customers of the highest caliber of service that can be found anywhere in the United States. We would be happy to talk with you about your needs for your truck and answer any questions you may have - give us a call today! (563) 778-2719
-- Dave Goerend


From Left: Dave, Bob, and  Founder Ed Goerend