Goerend Transmission manufactures torque converters engineered to provide the best performance and reliability out of your transmission. Whether you choose a single or triple disc converter, you can expect increased torque delivered to the rear wheels, with less energy loss in the fluid coupling between the engine and transmission. We have the knowledge and equipment to build torque converters to meet the needs of your application. Our quality equipment, like the TCRS, SuperFlow and ATI Pecision equipment makes us one of the top producers of quality converters for Dodge, Chevy and Ford trucks.   

What sets us apart from other companies is that our staff have many years of combined technical & mechanical experience including research, development, testing, and sales in the automotive industry. We design, manufacture, and build our converters as well as many of the internal converter components in-house from start to finish. This ensures that our dimensions are correct and will work with your transmission. Since our converters are all produced in-house, when you call us you are talking directly to the manufacturer and allows us to answer all of your questions quickly and accurately. Our 7 in-house CNC machines are used to manufacture our billet converter covers, billet clutch dampers, stators, stator caps, races, and many more of the components in our converter builds. Our knowledge, equipment, and patented converter components allow us to build your converter to match your needs – no matter if you use it as a daily driver – or a dedicated race truck. At Goerend Transmission we care about our customers; our multiple patents have performance in mind and have been created to cure specific performance problems – not patented simply to ease the manufacturing process.