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Excellent and knowledgeable service provided & extremely well equipped. Very modern repair facility with extensive equipment and capability. Super service often commands top dollar, but I was surprised and delighted by the reasonable rates. You folks are a real credit to Iowa hospitality and capability & are a tremendous credit to the profession. 
- J.H. Tolman, Research Scientist, Canadian Automobile Association

The staff at Goerend's are extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. I highly recommend this shop to anyone looking for a superior product backed by amazing service!
- Austin R.

 You get what you pay for! Goerend takes pride in their parts and work! Anything less, is second best! Won't hesitate to do business with again!
- Kyle K. 

Best Heavy Duty Automatic Transmission parts in the industry and the staff to help you pick the right parts for your truck transmission. No mass produced cookie cutter crap here.....just top notch products and service......the way it is supposed to be! 
- Michael T.

New transmissions is in, and I love it! My Cummins has 353,000 miles on it and has never shifted this good before. Great service and customer friendly! Thanks! 
- Ryan K.

I've had my transmission in for almost 3 years now. The last year and a half it's been holding over 1000hp and pushing my truck through the 1/4 mile with mid 10 second passes. The truck is also driven on the street and the transmission has never let me down.
- David V. 

Great people and service. Great products. Thanks again to the people at Goerend.
- Jerry M.

 You cannot beat a Goerend transmission!! About 100k miles on mine and still working GREAT!! 
- T. Collins

 I Just Wanted To Say THANK YOU.... I honestly can say that in 33 years and 15 years of working with companies in the automotive industry, that i never, and mean never have found a company and name as well as Goerend... The customer service u all provide is by far the best I have ever seen both in warranty and in just technical help. I wish there were more companies like GOEREND. THANK U Very much 10 stars on a five star scale.....
- C. Speiser

I've just finished putting a thousand miles on my twin turbo 05 Cummins truck with a 15 blade leftcut triple disc converter, valve body, billet input, flex plate, and oil pan. All I can say is WOW. This truck has been completely transformed. I've driven with a 10k pound trailer and empty unloaded ect. in mild to wild tuning and this thing just plain works. I've seen 20-30° cooler trans temps, 2-3mpg increase in all different types of driving other than straight hwy OD Lock up for obvious reasons. The converter spools the twins perfectly and transfers so much more power to the wheels when unlocked it's actually almost unbelievable. I am so happy with the truck now I cant recommend this stuff enough! Thank you very much!
- Jared S. 

Goerend converters are 2nd to none and I haven't seen a warranty or a company that is close to competing. Really there is Goerend and then there's everyone else.........
- Aron N.

The Green Lantern: 

I recently hit 780 hp and 1418 torque with your transmission. Such a fine product you guys make. Proud to have it in my truck! -Ryan Lovelace

Check out his truck featured in the June 2016 issue of Diesel Power Magazine!


 This is my 94 2500 4x4 12 valve Dodge/Cummins with 284k miles on it. I have a Goerend Triple Disc Torque Converter, Full Goerend Valve Body, Goerend Billet Input, and billet strut and anchor kit from Goerend. I have owned this truck for 10 years and have had the Goerend parts installed for around 8 years. I do everything with this truck. It is mainly my daily driver, but I also haul with it and occasionally I pull and drag race with it. The transmission has been flawless since I installed the Goerend parts, and they have helped to make my truck much more reliable as well as much more fun to drive. Goerend is the best in the business. The truck is grossing about 26k pounds in the picture and the transmission handled it great and really gets the power on the ground thanks to the addition of the Goerend parts.
- Eric East


Dear Goerend. If everything you do is as nice as your 48re pan... You have a customer for life. To include the filter, gasket, spacer block, pan hardware, AND a socket for the pan bolts.... crazy and Very appreciated. Awesome Product.
- John B.

I rebuilt my 48re almost a year ago with Goerend parts and it has preformed flawlessly! I can't say enough about the customer service, being that almost a year before I rebuilt the transmission, I called them with a question about second gear that was slipping very bad, they were very helpful and told me to adjust the second gear band and it would buy me a little more time before I had to rebuild it. Needless to say, that right there showed me what kind of people these guys are and that they weren't out to get my money any which way they could, when every other transmission shop within a 100 mile radius of me was telling me to haul it in for a rebuild!! I'll tell anyone about Goerend Transmission and the honest services they provide, which is something that is hard to find in a business these days..
- Nathan B.

30,000+ on the trans and is doing great thanks again for answering all my questions and all the times I called before I received my new transmission and the support when installing it to make sure it was right. You guys and gals were great!
- J. Patterson Jr. 

Thanks for the great customer service, in selecting what I needed, and then getting me on track!
- S. Axtell

Great service, friendly staff, treat you right!
- M. Prosser

I just wanted to thank you guys for the fantastic customer service and for getting my converter right away. You guys are awesome.
- R. Campbell

 Any automatic truck I own gets a Goerend built trans in it.

I've got a life to live and sitting broken down is not an option for me!

The entire crew at Goerend's is the greatest to work with!!!

Top notch business and customer service!!!!
- C. Snyder

 Hauling a heavy load with ease thanks to my full billet Goerend transmission!
- S. Yantzer


Satisfied right down to the bone.... You guys are the greatest!! 
- J. Dart


Fully built Goerend trans holdin' up well!
- N. Helmers