Goerend L5P Billet PTO Cover

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We have created a jig tool to insure proper hole location when installing the Goerend transmission PTO covers for the Allison 1000 and 2000 units. This upgrade must be done with the transmission out of the truck and empty - do not perform this upgrade unless the trans is disassembled. There is an $50.00 Refundable core charge fee on Goerend jig tool to install covers (use ¼” drill bit with PTO jig tool). After you use the jig tool, please send it back to Goerend transmission for your $50 refund. The jig tool refund amount will be based on condition once it is returned. With our new tool that locates a lube hole directly feeding the c-3 clutch & patented PTO cover, you can get the much needed lube oil to the Allison c-3 clutches. The new PTO cover funnels oil to a hole in the trans case that supplies lube oil directly to the c-3 clutches. This oil would otherwise return to the trans pan unused. We have now directed it to the c-3 clutch pack to lube & cool this hard working clutch.

  • Billet Aluminum
  • Adds Additional Cooling to the C3 Clutch Pack  
  • Only 1 PTO Cover is Required with L5P Transmission