DNJ Billet Valve Body Channel Plate

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This valve body channel plate is made of billet aluminum that has shallow hydraulic circuits. It is made from a solid 1” piece of material, machining away only what is necessary to ensure no warpage and a very solid foundation to bolt the valve body back to. DNJ has slightly moved some passages and eliminated those not necessary in hopes of stopping separator plate chafing and valve body breakage and cracking from high line pressure in performance applications. With our new billet channel plate, the end user is able to use the stock hardware. They can also choose whether they want to use a bonded separator plate or a good used stock one. Extensive testing has been done to this plate to ensure zero warpage. For an understanding of the durability, the strength of the plate was tested. The stock plate was put on a press that has a pressure gauge. With the edges supported just like factory, a 1.000-inch round bar was put in the center. At 300lbs of pressure the stock plate warped to .168 and cracked. The same was done to the DNJ plate. At one ton it did not move. At two tons there was barely any movement. The flex was .021. At five tons it was .047. At 10 tons it finally flexed to .160 and the test was stopped. It didn’t return to zero, but it did however recover to .056.