High Pressure Valve Body

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Goerend valve bodies are dynomometer-tested on our Answermatic 4000 Valve Body Test System using Superflow WinDyn software. Goerend valve bodies are built in-house and are specifically calibrated to work with Goerend torque converters along with other various products of ours. We also offer constant pressure and manual valve body setups. Please take the Valve Body Questionnaire to set up a custom valve body to fit your truck's specifications.

Some valve bodies are limited on how much line pressure that can be run due to the stretching and deformation of the torque converter's impeller due to over-pressurization, known as ballooning. Our apply-regulated valve body regulates torque converter lock-up apply pressure separately from main line pressure. This allows higher pressures in the transmission for holding smaller diameter converter clutches, while a lower, safe pressure is used to hold the large diameter converter clutches without damaging the torque converter, pump, or shaft.

This apply regulation can be added to any Goerend valve body and can be set up for racing applications or for daily driver towing. Testing has shown a significant decrease in the harshness of the 3-4 shift that 3rd generation trucks are known for when adding a triple disc torque converter. Additional parts required: 48RE pump stator support seal, Goerend triple disc torque converter.

We utilize a technique that has been in the gas racing world for years, the torque converter dump valve, which drains oil from the torque converter while spooling at the line, allowing the engine to gain RPM and rise to the desired level before launching. When coupled with a Goerend non-lock torque converter and constant pressure manual trans-brake valve body, drivers have seen faster and more consistent runs. The dump valve setup requires no major changes to the transmission, only additional wiring to control the solenoids. Other advantages to this system are less rotational weight and overall maintenance, with higher pressure to hold the transmission clutches and no torque converter clutches.

  • Lockup Solenoid
  • Overdrive Solenoid
  • Steel Governor Pressure Sensor
  • Borg Warner Gov. Solenoid
  • Optional GM Governor Solenoid
  • Available VBA to Replace Resistor
  • High Pressure Plastic Governor Pressure Sensor
  • BD Adapter with Steel Sensor

To receive the full core deposit back, the core returned to Goerend Transmission must be an unmodified core of the same model of the purchased converter. (Year, Type, Etc.) No part of the core may be rusty/damaged in any way, or you may receive partial to no credit towards your core deposit. When a usable core has been received, the core charge will be refunded to your original form of payment. Call for any questions on what cores are accepted.


  • 5
    Perfection on every build

    Posted by Brian Wilson on May 31st 2017

    Every valve body is built specific to application when ordered. Perfect crisp shifts and never a issue right out of the box and into the trans. Only valve body offered in our builds.

  • 5
    Perfection in every single built unit

    Posted by Chris Snyder on Mar 17th 2017

    I have never once in hundreds of Valve bodies had a single complaint about how awesome the shifts feel after the staff works their magic prior to shipment. Thank you for such an awesome upgrade!!!

  • 5
    Don't waste your money on anything else

    Posted by Logan Yonkovic on Mar 7th 2017

    Goerend definitely has it figured out when it comes to a valve body smoothest my truck has ever shifted

  • 5

    Posted by Zach on Mar 7th 2017

    I have this vb in my 04.5 cummins with the gt2 rebuild kit and goerends triple disc converter. Never had a problem out of any of it in 4 years.