Sonnax 47/48RE Heavy Duty Input Shaft

D121-104 SONNAX 22121B-01
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The Sonnax heavy duty input shaft comes with durability and performance features which are second to none. Instead of the OE two-piece shaft/hub design, this Sonnax shaft uses a much stronger, one-piece design that combines the input shaft and forward clutch hub, eliminating the weak connection between the two. The Sonnax shaft itself is custom forged from ultra high-strength 300M steel to allow the internal grain structure of the steel to follow the general shape of the part, improving shaft strength. This shaft is equipped with a 23-tooth input spline and 62-tooth clutch spine, and is compatible with OE seals and also comes with Goerend lube modifications.






1994 - 2007


47RH : 47RE : 48RE


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    Only Input to use

    Posted by Brian Wilson on May 31st 2017

    Have many out there with 100k plus on them and no issues towing heavy. Abuse will lead to a failure eventually. At nearly 1500hp they are holding still on one of our builds.